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The world's first technology to link user gaze information with cognitive training system

It is a system designed to effectively apply computerized cognitive rehabilitation,
to users based on brain positron tomography data provided by the American Alzheimer's Association.


EYAS Standard

It is a program designed to utilize computerized cognitive rehabilitation programs centered on users who have progressed in cognitive decline.

EYAS Premium

A chair-combined program designed to enable the computerized cognitive rehabilitation program to be used even by wheelchair users with cognitive decline.

EYAS Multi PC / Tablet

A cognitive rehabilitation program loaded with content that provides a group training mode using PC/Tablet, it induces a spirit of competition and cooperation to strengthen social skills due to cognitive decline, and has proven effective in cognitive treatment for dementia patients such as daily living activities (ADL), physical exercise, and recollection.

Computerized Dementia Screening Kit

This program was developed to improve convenience by computerizing the MMSE-K, which can determine an individual's prevalence of dementia prior to diagnosis, and to contribute to the development of more innovative dementia management protocols.